Week after week we come to you with stories about our clients, but for once we are going to shine the Amudim spotlight in a slightly different direction.

Myriam Lankry has been our clinical director for nearly a year and works with our management team.  Like many Amudim clinicians she carries a Narcan Kit, a lifesaving drug that can temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

It was the end of a long day at the Amudim office when Myriam had just gotten off the train in Flatbush. She was walking home when she passed a group of people gathered around an immobile and unresponsive man laying on the ground. No one present knew this man or what had happened to him, nor was anyone able to say when emergency responders would arrive.

Knowing that Narcan can save lives if given quickly enough after an opioid overdose and poses virtually no risks, Myriam knew what she had to do. It took just seconds for her to admiNISter the Narcan nasal spray.  As everyone held their breath, the man regained consciousness just as firefighters arrived at the scene.  Stepping away to let the trained rescue workers do their jobs, Myriam told the chief that she had given the man a dose of Narcan and got ready to continue home.  Responding to the questions thrown at her by several stunned observers who asked if she was a doctor, Myriam explained, “I work at Amudim. And we save lives.”

Narcan can mean the difference between life and death. It is easily admiNIStered and is available at Amudim for no cost.  To schedule a private or group Narcan training contact us directly: (646) 517-0222 orodprevention@amudim.org. Together we can change lives and build futures.