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Amudim Israel provides clinical case management to English-speakers in Israel from all walks of life.

Amudim Israel provides clinical case management to
English-speakers in Israel from all walks of life.

Gap-year students, newcomer and veteran olim, tourists, and lone soldiers have all benefited from critical support and guidance in their time of need, provided by our caring and professional case management team. Amudim Israel's case management services maintain confidentiality, cultural sensitivity, and are free of charge.

In addition to direct support, Amudim Israel also provides communities, schools, and clergy with psycho-educational programs addressing issues such as sexual abuse awarenes, child safety, and addiction.

Comprehensive Clinical Case Management:

Comprehensive Clinical Case Management:

Understanding the particularly delicate nature of sexual abuse, our guiding principle is to treat victims and their families with care and compassion.
Our knowledgeable and sensitive staff offer a wide range of assistance, maintaining the highest possible comfort level for victims and their families.

Whether it is counseling, referrals to therapists, treatment programs, or guidance through the intricacies of the legal process, our driving mission is to help families stay together and teach them how to provide the practical and emotional support that victims need.

Drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, and other behavioral addictions can wreak havoc on an individual and those close to them. Without proper intervention and professional help, the situation can spiral out of control until it is beyond repair.

Amudim Israel’s staff members, as well as those in our extensive network, are able to address crisis situations with speed, skill, and compassion. Therapy, and inpatient rehabilitation are often the first critical steps, but follow up, tackling underlying issues and reintroduction to normalcy are the end goals.

Every person that comes to us is unique, making it imperative for us to tailor our guidance to them and their specific circumstances.

Amudim Israel's established relationships with numerous clinicians, treatment centers, outpatient programs, allow us to make the most suitable and cost-effective referrals, and best guide people on the important steps necessary to achieve a long term positive outcome.

Mental health issues exist in every population and demographic, these issues do not discriminate. Facing one’s own mental health issues or being impacted by those of someone close can often feel frightening and daunting. No one should face these challenges alone. Amudim Israel’s clinical case management team provides professional support and guidance. Our holistic approach to crisis-- providing the skills and tools necessary to effectively manage both the crisis and everyday life-- is critical for clients to reach optimal positive outcomes.

The toll of a spouse or child dealing with mental health or at-risk issues can be devastating to a family unit or marriage. Our work with individuals and families envisions solutions not only to address immediate issues, but to create sustainable futures of stability and wellbeing. While often the road can be long, Amudim Israel is there to provide support every step of the way.

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