“Dip the apple in the honey, make a bracha loud and clear…”

Surely you have heard a sweet-faced child singing those words as they learn about Rosh Hashana, a time that is all about sweetness, prayers, inner-reflection and the people who matter most in your life.

But for the Kahn* family, this Rosh Hashana was also a time of incredible joy in comparison to the previous year.

Their daughter Chevi had been sent home from seminary not long after she arrived because of concerns about an eating disorder that had manifested itself as soon as she landed in Israel. The situation was so serious that the 18 year old spent Rosh Hashana in the hospital, eventually sharing that she had been sexually abused by a cousin years prior.

Shaken by the revelation and unsure how to proceed, the Kahn’s called Amudim for help. It was clear that the eating disorder needed to be addressed immediately and our case manager found a suitable treatment facility and an insurance policy to help defray the cost. Feeling alone and in need of guidance, it was clear that the Kahn’s required assistance with their own individual needs. At this stage, a support group alone wasn’t enough, so our case manager stepped in again, identifying a therapist to address each parent individually.

It took a few months to get Chevi to the point where she was ready to confront the trauma that had taken place long ago, but when that time arrived, we found a qualified facility that provides the necessary treatment to move forward. Chevi flourished there, doing particularly well with the equine therapy and making steady progress.

Fast forward to today, it has been one year of treatment and Chevi is thriving! This year, she spent Rosh Hashana back at home, dipping apples in honey, surrounded by her supportive family.

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*Some detaNIS changed to protect client confidentiality