Reaching out for help when we see a friend or family member in distress can be difficult. Are we being too intrusive? Who are we to intervene? But often times, that phone call can mean the difference in saving the life of a person we care about.
Recently, Rikki* called Amudim, concerned about her friend, Miriam*. Miriam is a 19 year-old college student who is boarding in the United States as her family lives overseas. She has expressed numerous suicidal thoughts, telling Rikki that she stands on the roof of her house and thinks about what it would be like to jump and end it all. Rikki has tried countless times to convince her to get help, but Miriam refuses and will not speak with a therapist.
Not knowing what else to do, Rikki knew she had to do something. Our case manager commended Rikki for reaching out to Amudim; she needed to be reassured that she is a caring and loyal friend. The case manager advised Rikki that if Miriam shares any suicidal thoughts or plans, she should immediately call 911. In addition, the case manager strongly advised Rikki to offer to come to the Amudim office with Miriam.

Miriam’s parents might be far away, but there is a strong support system available to her at Amudim. With concerned friends like Rikki, who are there to listen when a friend is in pain and seek professional guidance when indicated, Miriam will be encouraged to take that first to step to getting help.


If someone you know is struggling with dangerous thoughts, be there for them by helping them get professional help. Call us anytime at (646) 517-0222

*Names and detaNIS have been changed to ensure anonymity.