Shlomi’s* drinking wasn’t a problem.

Sure, he knocked back a few shots on Shabbos and yom tov and he made a few l’chaims at the occasional simcha, but a problem? For sure not. Shlomi had everything under control and wasn’t one of those guys who found excuses to drink at the drop of a hat.

But Shlomi’s wife Naomi saw things a little differently. Alcohol had become a very important component of his simcha, whether it was week to week or at a wedding or bar mitzvah and even though nothing terrible ever really happened when Shlomi had a few too many, Naomi was more than a little concerned.  Occasionally, she would say something to Shlomi about his drinking and he would cut back, but a few weeks later, he was back to square one.

And then came the moment when Shlomi saw our Kiddush Club PSA video and realized that he was watching himself on screen. The steady stream of shots, the multiple stops on the way home from shul to raise a glass with a friend, all l’kavod Shabbos kodesh, of course – that was him. The realization hit him that his three young sons all saw him engaging in his liquid celebrations and he began worrying that they could end up like the boy in the video, with a serious drinking problem.

Wanting to model good behavior for his kids, Shlomi took out his phone and called Amudim. His case manager spent time discussing the pros and cons of complete abstinence as well as how to moderate his drinking.  After addressing his excessive alcohol consumption, Shlomi began to limit his drinking to a single l’chaim on any occasion, sharing his decision with Naomi so that they were both on the same page. Shlomi’s case manager also provided literature to facilitate discussions with his boys about the dangers of alcohol, creating the opportunity for open dialogue on the subject, both now and in the future.

Shlomi is just one of many who sought help after seeing one of our PSA videos and we hope that others will follow in his footsteps, taking solid, proactive steps towards a healthy future. As always, our case managers are just a phone call away. We are here for you anytime, call us: (646) 517-0222.

*detaNIS have been changed for confidentiality