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What a week it’s been.

Amudim is on the front lines, working tirelessly to provide support to help the community weather the current crisis. Over 200 callers have taken advantage of our anonymous support line, launched in coalition with more than ten organizations. We have 45 volunteer mental health professionals available from 8am to 11pm EST daily, offering guidance in navigating these uncharted waters. The support line is designed for anyone who needs help regarding anxiety, stress, addiction, abuse or any matter requiring assistance during these complex times. The number to call is (888) 7-AMUDIM, (888) 726-8346 or (718) 972-3000.

Our new coronavirus webpage www.amudim.org/coronavirus has been viewed by thousands of people from 24 countries and offers numerous resources, including information about the virus, stress relief tips and practical advice for parents. Additionally, our video library, which has over 10,000 views, addresses multiple timely topics, with well-known experts providing invaluable coping techniques.

We have also been working to create programs to alleviate the stress affecting everyone, everywhere. This past Motzei Shabbos, we hosted a special video ZoomZitz, performed by Moshe Storch, for people in recovery at high risk for relapse since their support systems cannot operate as they normally do. We will also be presenting two live events this week at www.amudim.org/live Menachem Poznanski will speak about celebrating recovery amid challenging circumstances on Monday night; and on Thursday night, Dr. David Pelcovitz will discuss trauma related anxiety management, focusing on coronavirus, Pesach and abuse.

Our office staff has been working remotely and been inundated by calls. In addition to their regular caseloads, our case managers are dealing with unique circumstances presented by quarantine, including abuse victims confined at home with their abusers or with family members who failed to support them in their trauma.

We continue to pray for the complete recoveries of those who are seriously ill and for a speedy resolution to this crisis.

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And here is a breakdown of new cases we opened this past week:

36 New Cases Opened This Week

  • 1 At Risk Matters
  • 3 Child Abuse & Neglect
  • 3 Domestic Abuse
  • 4 Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  • 1 Medical
  • 7 Mental Health
  • 1 Process Addiction
  • 1 Self Harm
  • 4 Sex Addiction
  • 6 Sexual Abuse
  • 4 Suicide Prevention
  • 1 Therapy Referrals


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