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Do as I Say, Not as I Do

February 28, 2020

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Dina* called Amudim after noticing that her 13 year-old son, Moshe*, was acting out in ways completely out of character. For several weeks, he had been waking up in a haze each morning, couldn’t get to yeshiva on time, and on some nights, he seemed confused and was incoherent. Worried and intent on discovering the source of the problem, Dina decided to wait for Moshe to return from yeshiva one day and see what transpired. She was shocked as she watched him head straight for the liquor cabinet and begin drinking from the assorted available bottles.

Amudim’s case manager set up an appointment for Moshe and both of his parents to see a therapist; and during the first session, Moshe stated that he was just doing what “Tatty and his friends do.” Dina looked at her husband, Shlomie*, asked her son to leave the room, and in front of the therapist, confronted her husband about whether this was the example he wanted to set for their young and impressionable son. For the prior few months, Shlomie and his friends had established a routine of coming to their house after shul and drinking copious amounts before returning home to their respective Shabbos meals with their families.

Baruch Hashem, as a result of this painful incident, Shlomie has begun attending AA meetings, Dina is going to Al-Anon meetings, and the family is in therapy, working through their issues. This story could have ended in a far worse outcome; and while it was caught in time, we want to remind parents that your kids are watching and learning from your every move, so please be careful.

If you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact Amudim at 646-517-0222.

*DetaNIS have been changed to protect privacy

And here is a breakdown of new cases we opened this past week:

60 New Cases Opened This Week

  • 4 At Risk Matters
  • 1 Death
  • 2 Attempted Suicide
  • 5 Therapy Referrals
  • 4 Domestic Abuse
  • 8 Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  • 1 Gambling Addiction
  • 4 Sex Addiction
  • 17 Sexual Abuse
  • 2 Housing Placement
  • 1 School Placement
  • 9 Mental Health


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