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In the last several weeks, the coronavirus has presented all of us with new challenges. We at Amudim are addressing the various mental health needs that have arisen and continue to increase; and we as a community need to step up to do all that we can to help those who are suffering.

Next Tuesday, we will be conducting a unique fundraiser unlike any we have done before to raise much needed funds to assist the many individuals struggling with mental health issues, those in need of financial subsidies for therapy and other resources directly related to the COVID-19 crisis; we hope you can join us.

Our #givingtuesdaynow campaign is exclusively raising money to serve mental health needs stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Since the start of this outbreak, Amudim has been at the forefront of addressing the mental health crisis we now face. We immediately launched a free support line, which has fielded over 1,300 calls, and most notably was open and available over Pesach and endorsed by a Rabbinical psak. Amudim has partnered with various clinicians, organizations and non-profits in a unified effort to serve the community. We have produced and released multiple videos addressing the various issues we are facing. Our website provides tips and comprehensive guidance to the public with a variety of resources, directory of available meetings and support groups, and our newest series of education videos with animation scenarios and grounding techniques. Click to see PART 2 Amudim Educational video, released this week, addressing anxiety and providing coping skills

We have been addressing the current mental health crisis and are preparing for the next wave of what is to come. We need your help to continue our lifesaving work. Every dollar donated goes directly to these efforts and as we gear up to confront the weeks and months ahead.

This past week, Amudim saw a record number of new cases. We desperately need your help so we can do all that is required to serve the growing community needs. All donations will be doubled, thanks to our generous matchers, and are of course tax-deductible.

Please partner with us in addressing this acute crisis and helping those who are turning to us in their time of need.

And here is a breakdown of new cases we opened this past week:

99 New Cases Opened This Week

  • 4 At Risk
  • 1 Attempted Suicide
  • 2 Child Abuse & Neglect
  • 10 COVID-19 Anxiety
  • 1 Death
  • 5 Domestic Abuse
  • 14 Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  • 1 Legal Matter
  • 1 Medical Matter
  • 16 Mental Health
  • 1 Process Addiction
  • 8 Psych Emergency
  • 1 Sex Addiction
  • 20 Sexual Abuse
  • 3 Suicidal Ideation
  • 11 Therapy Referrals

Amudim COVID-19 Relief Fund Video
Help Us Help Others

Amudim and the United Task Force Present:
Educational Video including Animated Illustration + Grounding Techniques

Amudim COVID-19 Relief Fund Video
Help Us Help Others

Amudim and the United Task Force Present: PART 2
Educational Video - Animated Illustration + Grounding Techniques


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