Sometimes we get callers that ask fairly straightforward questions and it is fairly easy to tell them “yes,” “no,” “I’m sorry, we don’t do that,” or “here, take this.”
But the magic of an Amudim case manager is the ability to connect with the client, assess what’s really going on and offer help in ways the client didn’t even know they needed.
Mimi Lax* called Amudim this past week for a tutoring referral for her at risk teenage daughter, Tami*. Tami had undergone severe trauma, was in tremendous pain and was suffering socially, emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. Mrs. Lax had been previously advised to have Tami throw herself into her schoolwork as a way of moving her in positive direction, and to find a tutor who could impress upon her the importance of her studies. Tami’s well-meaning parents thought that tutoring was the answer to their prayers.
As a long time reader of these emaNIS, you know, of course, that tutoring was not what Tami really needed. And instead of offering a quick referral to a local tutoring service, our case manager spoke with Tami’s mother, reviewing her daughter’s history and symptoms, helping Mrs. Lax understand Tami’s trauma. Mrs. Lax quickly realized that focusing on Tami’s grades while she was rapidly losing the will to live, wasn’t addressing Tami’s core issues.
Our case manager helped the Laxes design a customized treatment plan that included individual therapy, psychiatry, support and structure, all offered in a loving, empathetic way that tackles Tami’s fundamental needs.
Just days later Mrs. Lax called Amudim to say that she was already seeing positive changes. Tami was more open and willing to get help, counting on her parents for their concern and support. The academics? They will likely come too… or not, but all in good time, once Tami is healthy again.
 If you or someone you know is struggling, call us anytime at (646) 517-0222. Our case managers are here for you!

*Some detaNIS changed to protect client confidentiality