Marrying off your children stirs up many emotions, but for Zelda*, the joy, the nostalgia and the feelings of gratitude and accomplishment were mixed with something far less positive – depression.
Raising four children had kept Zelda too busy to breathe on most days, but now that she had just two kids left at home, she found herself slipping into a dark place. She had long since told her best friend that she wasn’t up to doing their morning walks anymore and had stopped going to shul on Shabbos, social events and even family gatherings. More often than not, Zelda felt like she served no purpose in this world and her once rock solid relationship with her husband was fast becoming another casualty of her depression.Things began going from bad to worse and Zelda found herself looking longingly at the bottle of prescription painkillers given to her by her dentist on several occasions, wondering if she had the courage to take them all and put an end to the misery that was her life. Then came the day that Zelda decided to call Amudim.She was in complete despair as she spoke to a case manager, explaining that she felt stuck in a bottomless pit of desolation. As the conversation continued, Zelda admitted that she had been reliving moments of her very dysfunctional childhood, a behavior that began after undergoing a medical procedure that had impacted her emotionally. Speaking with our case manager gave Zelda the ability to understand how mental health treatment could help her deal with the unresolved traumas of her youth and arrangements were made for Zelda to see a psychiatrist and a therapist that she felt comfortable with.

It has only been a few weeks, but Zelda is already making progress. The intense despair that has consumed her for so long has started to lift and she is feeling more positive about herself, her marriage and life in general. Zelda’s case manager has been with her every step of the way and we look forward to seeing continued improvements in the days and months ahead.

Depression is a lonely place, but you are not alone. If you or someone you know are experiencing the symptoms of depression, we are here. Call us anytime at (646) 517-0222.

*Some detaNIS changed to protect client confidentiality