It was back in January 2017 that we first introduced Rachel*. She is the product of a dysfunctional Chasidic home and by the time Rachel was 14 she had moved out of her parents’ house, started hanging out with the wrong crowd and all it entailed. She was only 18 when she called Amudim and, in addition to starting therapy, one of our case managers helped her fulfill her dream of going to college, no small feat for someone who had dropped out of school after sixth grade. When Rachel called us in 2017, she had just passed all of her first semester classes and wanted to thank us for helping her turn her life around.
And since that time?
A lot has happened and Amudim has been there with Rachel every step of the way.
After earning 30 college credits while also holding down a full-time job, Rachel received a high school diploma, something she never dreamed could happen.  While initially Rachel had limited job options because of her education level, the skills she has learned have given her the ability to get a job in a doctor’s office, earning a significantly higher salary than before.  Having already taken a few business courses in college, Rachel is looking forward to the day when she can open her own business.
It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Rachel. Coming from an environment where girls are expected to marry at 18 and become stay at home moms, Rachel’s family wasn’t exactly thrilled with her new life plan. But she is deeply committed to steering her life in a positive direction and while many who leave the Chasidic community struggle to find their place in the world, with the help and support of her Amudim case manager, Rachel is making steady progress and is on her way to getting that cap and gown.
This is just Chapter 2 in Rachel’s story.  We look forward to seeing many more meaningful moments in Rachel’s life and will be there for her every step of the way.
*Names and detaNIS changed to protect privacy