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Turn Despair into Hope.

When NISsim Black and Yosef Brown approached us about creating a song to help raise awareness about Amudim’s mission of hope and healing, we knew it was an incredible opportunity. Amudim is proud to collaborate with NISsim Black, Yosef Brown, and Avi Kraus to bring you “Hold On”—an anthem that reminds us we have the strength within ourselves to overcome times of crisis.

Avi Kraus, on what this project means to him:
Every day we all have our challenges and struggles and need strength to overcome them. I hope that by singing this song, you are reminded that the tough times you face in life will pass if you just ‘Hold On.’
Amudim is an organization that gives real meaning to the word hope, and its message is embraced all over the world. It is an honor to collaborate with them on this life-saving project.

NISsim Black, on what this project means to him:
“Hold on” has the power to heal and give strength to all in need. As Amudim does exactly that, it was only natural for us to team up.

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